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Friday, January 30, 2015

Axe Deodorant

Axe Phoenix Antiperspirant Deodorant Active ingredient Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY(17.8%) Purpose anti-perspirant Uses · reduces underarm wetness · 24 hour protection Warnings For external use only Do not use on broken skin Ask a doctor before use if you have kidney disease Stop use if rash or irritation occurs Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. Directions · apply to underarms only · turn dial to raise product · to ensure product appears clear on skin, do not overapply · replace cap Inactive ingredients Cyclopentasiloxane, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, Stearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PEG-8 Distearate, Talc, Fragrance (Parfum), BHT
Ilike Axe smell nice and good price as well all members of my family us it and we are happy so try it!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

visiting Bucharest

Bucharest is Romania's capital and at the same time, the largest city, industrial and commercial center of the country. The population of 1,944,367 inhabitants is that Bucharest is the sixth most populous city in the European Union. In fact, however, Bucharest gather daily over three million people, and experts predict that over the next five years, the total will exceed four million. Add to this the fact that the settlements around the city, which will be part of future metropolitan area population totals about 430,000 inhabitants.

The first mention of the village appears in 1459. In 1859 it became the capital of Romania. Since then undergoes constant change, being center stage art, culture and media. Between the two world wars, elegant architecture and elite Bucharest brought the nickname "Little Paris". Currently, the capital has the same administrative level as a county and is divided into six sectors.

Bucharest is located in the southeast, between Ploiesti north and south Giurgiu. The city is Vlăsiei Plain, which is part of the Romanian Plain. To the east lies Bărăganul in Găvanu Burdea the west and south is bordered by Plain Burnazului.

Plain Bucharest has altitudes between 100-115 m in the north-west, and 50-60 m in the southeast, in the meadow Dâmboviţei. The city itself takes place between 58 m and 90 m. Over 50% of its area is within the range of 80-100 m hypsometric and slopes not exceeding 2o value. Fragmentation is more pronounced in the eastern half, where they reach 1-1.5 km / km2.

Plain topography consists of a sequence of fields (inter-) and valleys (with terraces and floodplains) that alternate from north to south:

Bucharest is situated on the banks of the Dâmboviţa River, which flows into the Arges, a tributary of the Danube. Several lakes spread along the Colentina river, within the city, as Herăstrău Lake, Lake Floreasca, Lake Tei and Lake Colentina. And in the center there is a lake in Cismigiu. This lake, the former pool in the old medieval city, is surrounded by Cismigiu Garden, inaugurated in 1847 by architect Carl FW Meyer German. In addition there Cişmigiu in Bucharest and other major parks: Herastrau (Village Museum) and Botanical Garden (the biggest in Romania and comprising over 10,000 species of plants including exotic) Youth Park, Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park (known and the Titan Park or Park IOR), and many smaller parks and green areas of the district municipalities.

The climate is typical in the capital of Romania, respectively temperate continental. There are four specific seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. Winters are relatively mild in Bucharest with little snow and relatively high temperatures, while in recent years the summers are very warm, even hot (very hot up to 45 degrees in the shade) and little rainfall. This causes temperature differences winter - summer is up to 60 degrees.

The legend says that Bucharest was founded by a shepherd named Bucur. According to another variant most likely, Bucharest was founded by Mircea the Old at the end of the fourteenth century.

The settlement was documented on September 20, 1459 in a document issued by Vlad Tepes, ruler of Romanian, which strengthens an estate of boyars. City Dâmboviţei, as it appears in the early years the city had a strategic role, will monitor the way he walked from Târgşor in Giurgiu, the last settlement being an Ottoman garrison. Soon, states Bucharest, was elected on 14 October 1465 by Radu the Handsome as princely residence. In the years 1558 - 1559, the Court is built Old Princely Church, founded by Mr. Mircea Shepherd, it remains to this day the oldest place of worship in the city preserved in its original form. In 1659, under the reign of Gheorghe Ghica, Bucharest became the capital of Romanian, Turkish in order to have a capital in the plains and near the Danube, easier to control compared to Targoviste

In Bucharest there are currently two operational airports: Henri Coanda International Airport (formerly Otopeni) and Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (Baneasa original). Henri Coanda is the largest airport in Romania serving five million passengers in 2009 and is the main hub for the national operator TAROM. From there depart from and arrive daily flights from other cities in Romania and many other airports in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Aurel Vlaicu is used by low-cost airlines and charter planes to serve

Direct Booking recommendations for travelers of Bucharest. Bucharest is active, but everyday cultural life is quite rich, if almost every day at least one cultural event takes place at night it is quite animated

Bucharest is active, but everyday cultural life is quite rich, if almost every day at least one cultural event takes place at night it is quite animated. Theaters, libraries, museums, Athenaeum have always prepared a cultural offer.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

 Stafilococii sunt bacterii de forma rotund-ovalara, pot produce o gama larga de infectii, a caror gravitate si localizare variaza de la infectii superficiale ale pielii pana la infectii ce pun viata in pericol, ca de exemplu septicemia sau meningita.Va spun pe scurt un caz real in care un bebelus se naste perfect snatos cu nota 10 la nastere iar,dupa 5 ore de viata prezinta stari grave de respiratie si se invineteste ,nu mai poate respire singur,mama a facut toate analizele in sarcina si nu sa descoperit ca mama sa aiba aceasta bacterie ce pot face medicii ,sa tina bebelusul conectat la aparate si cu tratament de antibiotic,strepotococul de tip a sa depistat la bebelus dupa 2 saptamani,nu si la mama dupa ce au supus-o si pe mama la analize,Cine poarta vina :
-Mama-cu siguranta nu a facut analizele la zi-Laboratorul-Probabil se poate gresi sau nu se lucreaza la cote maxime-Spitalul – Cele mai intalnite bacterii si infectii se gasesc in spital indifferent cat de curat si modern ar fii.  Pentru a putea şti dacă trebuie tratat, trebuie precizat locul unde a fost descoperit. Dacă în locul de unde a fost izolat .Staficlococul se trateaza cu antibiotic la prescrierea medicului.


                                        Art & ENTERTAINMENT

   Since ancient times there is a need to inform people about certain aspects of weather, including commercial. Before entering information in the video was made orally by the so-called "Shout" (people who were traveling on the main streets of villages and repeatedly shouted a specific message). Subsequent messages were translated on paper and pasted into the target areas. Over time this phenomenon started but not as in past centuries, specifically with industrialization, which marks the transition into the new era commercial. There are many new products in large quantities, which the world must know. The social events are becoming more frequent, more popular. Thus promoting the visual environment grows and becomes average competitor. Countless events promoting such products and thus there is a need to stand out, to be different from the rest of the players in the market. Therefore promotion environments are becoming more colorful, more special to attract attention receptors; This marks the intersection of art and the need to inform, promote, an early form of the current advertising. Art intervention in this area transforms ads, posters, banners in real works of art. Until today this area inflluenţe go through many changes and transformations. In addition to inform your advertising is essential to aesthetic, to stand out and not least to have a joke. Thus, not infrequently, a creative delight the eye and entertain. Through this feature the advertising has brought many fans, people who use it just for entertainment. Advertising quality already widely consumed as an art form of its own. An example is the great international high pass annual event called "Night of advertising addicted". We find countless websites advertising whole collections were compiled strictly for entertainment receptors, whether it is pictures or videos. We can therefore ignore the commercial function and to look in another sphere, from another angle, that does not seem nothing more than a form of entertainment, maybe a new artistic movement. We must understand that Advertising is an indispensable mechanism in contemporary society and has a clear function, but that does not mean we should limit ourselves to that.
From the bottom of the sea to the tops of the stars, Chicago has it all on display. Start your adventures on the famous Museum Campus along Lake Michigan. Three world-renowned museums call it home: The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, The Field Museum, and The Shedd Aquarium, and all are filled with opportunities to stretch your mind.

For art lovers, the Art Institute of Chicago offers masterpieces from ancient to ultra-modern, and our cultural institutions cover everything from famous historical events to current GLBT issues. We celebrate African American heritage, Jewish tradition, Mexican art, Lithuanian culture, and more. We even have museum dedicated to surgical science. See why we like to call ourselves the City of Broad Horizons.

Sunday, January 25, 2015 este un site dedicat bebelusilor .Carucioarele pentru copiii sunt foarte frumoase si acceptabile ca pret beneficiati de transport gratuit prin urgent curier la orice produs achizitionat.Carucioarele contin certifcat de garantie,produsul este nou branduri diferite.Carucioarele nu sunt simple contin landou,scoica,scaun masina. 

Bekid  garanteaza si este autorizat sa vanda acest produs si ca toate brand-urile pe care le comercializeaza  sunt autentice. Spatarul Carucioarelor se poate inclina in 3 pozitii de la pozitie sezut pana la pozitie intins complet pe spate. Manerul este ajustabil pe ianltime si reversibil,rotile din fata sunt rotative,in functie de produs poti primii cadou o gentuta.materialele folosite sunt de calitate superioara. a BeKid gasesti oferte carucioare pentru copii de la Mima, Primii Pasi, Coccolle, DHS, Moni, Chipolino, Bertoni, Brevi, 4Moms, Nuna, Joie, Allegro, Anmar, Cosatto, BabyHome, BebeDuE, Berber, Brevi, Brevi-HK, Cangaroo, Carello, Euro Cart, Hello Kitty Diva, Koochi, Moni, MyKids, Pierre Cardin, Womar, X - ADVENTURE la cel mai mic pret. Recomand din tot sufletul carucioarele de pe acest site, am cumparat si sunt foarte multumita.Firma este tocmai din inima ardealului eu sunt nascuta ardeleanca iar pt fetita mea am cumparat de la ei desii sunt stabilita in bucuresti sunt incantata de produsele lor indifferent ce cumpar pee a,calitatea difera de la un site la altul,am avut aceasta experienta si stiu ce inseamna acum calitate ,calitate inseamna siguranta copilului nostrum indeferent daca dam un ban in plus conteaza.siteul va pune la dispozitie 2 numere de telefon si un fax pentru a comanda .

Carucior Cu Scoica 4moms Origami Blue

Aceste produs este un carucior pliabil ideal pt mame,este singurul carucior din lume care se pliaza si se extinde singur.complect automat la o simpla apasare de buton,se poate atasa cosul auto.

Carucior Mima Kobi Snow white 

Carucior Pentru Copii 3 In 1 Mykids Amber Purple-White

Acest tip de carucior care intruneste perfect conditia de util, ergonomic si design inovator.Rotile din fata sunt pivotante, prevazute cu blocatoare. Manerul este reglabil, confectionat din materiale de ultima generatie. Modul sport si cosuletul auto pot fi reglate cu usurinta pe cadru

Carucior 3 in 1 Coccolle C628
Acest tip de carucior este ideal pt bebe ,contine mod landou,sport si scoica. 

Plata produselor se face prin :
-Plata in numerar
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Produsele se afla in ambalajul original, sigilat, al producatorului si sunt asigurate pe tot parcursul transportului, pana la livrare.
Transportul se face doar in romania.Va recomand cu caldura aceste produse.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Radio Conexão Virtude

Hy cativeiro meu Deus vai virar vai mudar a sua sorte, vai te levantar teu cativeiro meu Deus vai virar ...
Quem te viu chorar, você vai ver cantar Quem viu você deve, você verá pagar Quem você viu uma bicicleta, você vai ver flyingRaise sua mão para glorificar
Quem te viu em pé, vai ver você marcha Quem viu você em silêncio, vai ver você chorar eu tenho uma palavra profética Seu cativeiro meu Deus vai virar
  Este é o ano da virada ... Quem não fala em língua, agora vai falar Quem tinha vergonha de pregar,
começar a estudar, Jesus usará você Este é o ano da sua vez!
Quem tinha vergonha de cantar, vai comprar a reprodução e começar a ensaiar A unção que está lá é o Senhor, este é o ano da virada! Se a situação desestimula você,
você vai sair por cima (2x)

Thursday, January 22, 2015


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

About Jobboy

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Stimati prieteni si concetateni romani
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

EXAMINATION 13 BY 15 for recovering the license DRIVING

Legal - Top Blogs Philippines EXAMINATION 13 BY 15 for recovering the license DRIVING EXAMINATION 13 BY 15 for recovering the license DRIVING First of all I must say that 13 of the 15's more, it's a lot. E 86.67%. It's so hard to get the percentage, be it budget, surfaces or involvement in any grade. Okay, back. After you have successfully completed last night (minimum 13 correct answers) 8 questionnaires to all, today at 09.15 I lined up at the counter 6 of the Traffic Police Department of Bucharest, namely that white building from where you Udriste bead up and numbers, but also where you surrender your license is suspended after that got you fixed radar 7 months ago, now fixed radar is illegal. Good, 09.15, tail, Udriste. 09.30 get in front, teach passport and proof, wait a minute, I hear "you 48 remember this number, now go and wait in front of the building D". Take evidence and bulletin, repeat 48 48 48 search and find building D, I sit on the bench and wait. Besides me, gentlemen and ladies in line, and they expect. 48 48 48 I repeat, they repeat 35, 51, 46, each of which has received. Some are questioning, others praise her time when new figure, that no blunt when he took the ferry did deh so much ... as in school. 48 48 48. We emotions as the license, damn. Gotta get it, if not for pride, even not to go through that again. Not that it would be bad, but I'm sleepy, lazy and did an hour tram ride up here. Ten point in front of the building D appear Mr. sergeant badge (I forgot his name, I remember only had his great name tag) and Miss Codita (ponytail, long blond), we gather as chicken and we i say to follow. 48 48 48. We go quietly in single file, we stop in a heap at the entrance hall with those banks d-country school with wooden desk. Surveillance cameras around. We take the row "Number?" Pofiti bank on the second turn right at the wall. And so on. I? 48. Aha, the first bank will please to aisle. "103 in the village? But where will grabeati, the disco? "My companion badge funny jokes. What had I nush as nus makeup instead are natural cuff pillow, wearing a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt range. Finally, I forgive you, as I put in the first bank. I like the first bank, reminds me of middle school. Booon we all sit quietly, close, but again, close the mobile phones just let the bank bulletin, lest his name wrong when we anecdotal testing. 48 48 48. "We are here to give and to promote recovery of the theory test driving license. Those who drove a motorcycle at the time of committing the offense, to raise mine ". None. "Not you, lady? Are you sure? "Jokes badge with a lady 60 years, and permanent round head, strategically placed in the last bank. Haha, we all laugh, row by row complete the exam sheets, questionnaires we share is kick off the clock. Great on a PC screen 386 in '98, probably. 19.59. Quickly scan your questions, shit, it's one d-ala difficult to respond at length, check, mark off carefully with X does not exceed the response box, it is considered a sign and I kick my teacher, sorry, badge. I finished. First! Lift up your eyes on the clock. 17.25. I do wonder in his eyes forward, beckoning me to stay. And stay. I count my nails. From left to right and vice versa. I read the label on the conversion. Look, write Converse. And so. Shit, if I were them I write more. Gen a story or something. 15.45. Oh I know, I can read the label on the bottle of water. They say it's good for babies. Patch looked through my answers and gives head somehow. Is it good? A third student from bank raise mine map. "Gent officer, I was wrong, I filled your answer to question 4 to question 8, now 'what?" I was shown the door. Sigh, take their passport and proof and threatens us and see us tomorrow. 9.23. Cam everyone checked, less lady bikers, off the end of the pen. Also include wet nails. I look at the ring. It's pretty hard. 48 48 48. Please take me as I can not stand waiting another and that's why tomorrow. And wait. Miss Codita I do and I get to sign to sign something, such as accept to witness. Accept, how not, who knows when I might need a ... 00.00 "Everyone pens down, my colleague will go to collect the questionnaires. They check on the spot, with the help of witnesses shall immediately communicate the results, who earned 13 or more waiting to receive proof signed and stamped, who takes no evidence untouched and return back tomorrow or when he's reign, to give the test again . "I understand, to traitz. Are invited to chair, on the right Mr badge. Start evaluation. Cutarescu. Present. 10 correct. We are waiting for tomorrow. Cutareanu. 15. Bravo, Mr. ("That day comes two weeks, and I took him like 15" whispers my accomplice badge). Lady with curly hair can 9. Well, lady! By tomorrow, I say. Mine, ultimu as deh, eream witness. Before you put the grid above responses, looks at me and says, "You dropped one harder ...". 12. Not 13, how to get up and never set foot there as sheep living. 12. How to come and tomorrow. Iara wait 19 minutes. 48 48 48. Bai, one hit ... if there's hell. I go out in the yard, beat me on the shoulder champion 15 of 15 "Let and I failed at first ...": (( Leave quickly before I fuck a purse in his brain smart 15 of 15 hundred percent as it were. Tomorrow take over again. And today do tests, more tests, one after another, let me go and say that tomorrow, yes if and tomorrow little, nush a shit what you do that to me mentally. So it's hard, people. 86.67% is even more. Life as a platouas with everything. Only for gourmets.