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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


                                        Art & ENTERTAINMENT

   Since ancient times there is a need to inform people about certain aspects of weather, including commercial. Before entering information in the video was made orally by the so-called "Shout" (people who were traveling on the main streets of villages and repeatedly shouted a specific message). Subsequent messages were translated on paper and pasted into the target areas. Over time this phenomenon started but not as in past centuries, specifically with industrialization, which marks the transition into the new era commercial. There are many new products in large quantities, which the world must know. The social events are becoming more frequent, more popular. Thus promoting the visual environment grows and becomes average competitor. Countless events promoting such products and thus there is a need to stand out, to be different from the rest of the players in the market. Therefore promotion environments are becoming more colorful, more special to attract attention receptors; This marks the intersection of art and the need to inform, promote, an early form of the current advertising. Art intervention in this area transforms ads, posters, banners in real works of art. Until today this area inflluenţe go through many changes and transformations. In addition to inform your advertising is essential to aesthetic, to stand out and not least to have a joke. Thus, not infrequently, a creative delight the eye and entertain. Through this feature the advertising has brought many fans, people who use it just for entertainment. Advertising quality already widely consumed as an art form of its own. An example is the great international high pass annual event called "Night of advertising addicted". We find countless websites advertising whole collections were compiled strictly for entertainment receptors, whether it is pictures or videos. We can therefore ignore the commercial function and to look in another sphere, from another angle, that does not seem nothing more than a form of entertainment, maybe a new artistic movement. We must understand that Advertising is an indispensable mechanism in contemporary society and has a clear function, but that does not mean we should limit ourselves to that.
From the bottom of the sea to the tops of the stars, Chicago has it all on display. Start your adventures on the famous Museum Campus along Lake Michigan. Three world-renowned museums call it home: The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, The Field Museum, and The Shedd Aquarium, and all are filled with opportunities to stretch your mind.

For art lovers, the Art Institute of Chicago offers masterpieces from ancient to ultra-modern, and our cultural institutions cover everything from famous historical events to current GLBT issues. We celebrate African American heritage, Jewish tradition, Mexican art, Lithuanian culture, and more. We even have museum dedicated to surgical science. See why we like to call ourselves the City of Broad Horizons.

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